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BiZou.me is an English designer brand of luxury Leather Fashion Accessories and original Hats for Men and Women.
Specially created to tease curiosity and provoke imagination, one of the particularities of the brand is the creation of limited editions that are completely hand- made, making the BiZou collection unique!

In that mind, BiZou.me aspires to create distinctive and exclusive pieces made of high quality leather with an accent to detail. By stepping out from any other existing cliché or stereotype, BiZou.me uses colour where it is the least expected, opening the door to a wider public including the curious and the confident.

Brought to life by Philip Wright and Valerie Corona, BiZou.me is the result of two creative minds with an inherent sense of style:

“Both with fashion and millinery backgrounds, the concept of creating our own line of products came to us when we felt we could not find individuality and subtlety in the existing Market. In a world where the fashion industry is highly influenced by fetishistic desire, our objective is to provide a fusion between superior quality and impertinent designs”.

Entirely designed and hand made in England, the Collection includes Hats and Headpieces coordinated with nipple Pasties, leather Apparel and Accessories for Ladies & Gents... plus a few other BiZou accessories flirting with a mix of influences, the Universe of BiZou.me remains playful, lighthearted with sophistication and distinction.

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